World Press Photo 2011, presents his photographs as the starting point for a conversation with bloggers and experts on the situation #afterthespring


“We cover international news very badly, because we arrive when the first bomb falls and leave after the last”


One of the objectives of the exhibition “Samuel Aranda #desprésdelaprimavera” is to reflect on the way the Western media talk about conflicts in the Arab world. Mayte Carrasco thinks that “we cover international news very badly, because we arrive when the first bomb falls and leave after the last”. According to this freelance journalist, “we don’t go to talk about real people”, nor do we stay to explain “what happens in that country after the news item”. Accordingly, viewers receive excessively simplified information, “meaning that, in our ignorance, we end up comparing Gaddafi with Bashar al-Assad”. Carrasco also warns of the dangers of new technologies, because “the Internet is run by governments, which have the means to ensure it’s not available to everyone”. The journalist explains how, in Arab countries, some activists have the help of hackers to get round government censorship and send messages abroad. Here, she points out that it is not just journalists who are in danger; many cyberactivists receive death threats for talking about what goes on in their countries. Carrasco also plays down the differences between Tahrir Square and the demonstrations of #15M in Madrid: “these revolutionary movements are the product of the pursuit of freedom, justice and a better quality of life, which is something that the Puerta del Sol and Tahrir Square have in common. […] The young people I’m meeting in Syria, Libya and Egypt are not so different to the ones demonstrating here. We’re the same, we all went to university, we all watch the same TV shows… You see lots of points in common, and we all want the same; it’s just that they are suffering much more”, says Carrasco.


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Journalist and correspondent
Mayte Carrasco Mayte Carrasco is a freelance journalist specialized in international news, analyst and teacher. She received the Award "Best Foreing Correspondant" in 2011 by the International Press Club (CIP). She has been a correspondent in France and Russia, and covers armed conflicts, working with national and international media such as iTELE-Canal Plus (Frnace), El País, DPA (Germany), DIE WELT (Germany), Publico, La Nacion (Argentina), Cadena SER, Yo Dona, Telecinco News, Foreign Policy Spanish Edition, OpenDemocracy (UK), etc. Her recent work includes coverage of the Arab Spring: War in Syria, Libya from Tripoli and the fall of Gaddafi, the plight of refugees on the border of Ras Ajdir (Tunisia-Libya) and the Egyptian Revolution (Cairo).