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“The confusion in Tunisia today is due to an exceptional and unnatural government coalition”


Ridha Tlili wants to make it quite clear that not enough time has passed since the Tunisian revolution to be able to view the phenomenon with the perspective of a historian. Nonetheless, he believes that Tunisia is now governed by an exceptional and unnatural coalition formed by a left-wing party, an Islamist party and a populist party, a hotchpotch that adds confusion to the present-day situation. According to Tlili, “the last few months have seen disenchantment not among intellectuals or liberals, but in the general population, especially in inland Tunisia, because people can’t see where the new government is going”. The historian says that people are realising that democratic elections are not enough to promote equality and social justice; elections are one step, but there also have to be changes at economic and social level. “There is a new movement among the poor that intellectuals are not a part of; entire villages are protesting, occupying civil service premises and council buildings. These changes are invisible because they are not on the agenda of the intellectuals or the political parties”, he concludes.


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Tunisian researcher
Ridha Tlili is a politologist, a lecturer in Modern and Contemporary History at Tunis University and a researcher at the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia. He has been vice president of the Euro-Med Forum of Cultures and has collaborated with the UNESCO. He has written numerous books and is currently president of the Ahmed Tlili Foundation for Democratic Culture in Tunisia.